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High Rise Yoga Pants Best in Test

Editors' picks among an ocean of yoga pants...

24/01/2021 Jonna Bright

It's always a good idea to do Yoga

Did you know that yoga has been around for over 5000 years?! That makes it into one of the oldest physical exercises in the whole world. It helps strengthen our physical, mental and spiritual nature. In other words, yoga is a physical discipline worth incorporating into your life. Whether it be a daily, weekly or monthly routine, it has its benefits. Best of all, there is an ocean of functional and fashionable yoga pants to make your practice more enjoyable. We have handpicked some favourites for you, ready to be sent home to your door from the click of a button.

Not that nude

Nude Skin Tights

In this nude colour yoga pant you can literally do everything as if you were naked, without being naked. They have a super-stretchy and smooth fabric, having you step into your bridge pose like never before. These pants will make any eyes turn... can you pull these off?